Girls in Tech Vancouver Management Team Recruiting

Hello friends of Girls in Tech.

We are recruiting for the management team to help us run the operations of Girls in Tech Vancouver.

The following  positions are available for the Girls in Tech Vancouver management team. If there is a role that is not listed but that you think would be valuable for Girls in Tech Vancouver and that aligns with our core values, we welcome recommendations. (Note that this these positions are volunteer positions since we are a non-for-profit organization.)

Open Positions

  • Event Manager (1 position)
  • Sponsorship & Community Relations Lead (1 position)
  • Member Experience Lead (1 position)
  • Marketing Lead (1 position)
  • Social Media Strategist (1 position)
  • Web Development Lead (1 position)
  • Event Coordinators (3 – 5 positions)


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You can download the detailed Girls in Tech Management Team Roles document here.


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Roles Descriptions

Event Manager

Experience & Attributes

  • At least 1 year experience volunteering as an event coordinator or lead
  • Comfortable leading a team of 2-5 and providing constructive feedback
  • Complete tasks in an efficient and accurate manner
  • Responsible and attentive to details
  • Team others with empathy, respect and help others grow
  • Clear communication
  • Can delegate tasks efficiently
  • Able to see and articulate needs
  • Managing many moving parts at once doesn’t overwhelm you, but inspires you and gives you fire!
  • Be calm in otherwise action-packed situations


  • Lead the event team with a clear, direct, calming and reassuring drive
  • Support your team with regular check-ins; ensure communication is happening between event team members; be a communication role model
  • Ensure the teams provide event information for Facebook pages, Eventbrite postings, and the Girls in Tech website
  • Promote and publicize the event – live the event!
  • Work closely with *all* other Girls in Tech Vancouver members and delegate all requirements as needed
  • Create event plan and communicate plan and resource needs to team, including, but not restricted to: venue, date, food, entertainment, speakers, monetary resources, marketing materials
  • Innovate to define new event ideas
  • Manage overall annual event road-map and ensure we meet our event goals
  • Ensure follow-up thanks you’s and/or gifts are being sent out to event attendees/volunteers and sponsors
  • Send out feedback survey for after the event, for continuous improvement
  • Organize event volunteers and recruit for new event members when needed
  • Organize and keep accurate records of the preliminary art works
  • Organize fundraising events and look for potential sponsors
  • Possess excellent understanding of core values of Girls in Tech Vancouver, leading with warmth, respect, empathy accountability and great communication
  • Manage and share the “Event Master Guide” document as needed to create best practices for event planning

Sponsorship & Community Relations Lead

Experience & Attributes

  • Minimum of 1 year experience in a community and/or fundraising role
  • Demonstrated responsive, thorough and consistent communication
  • Organized and logical; comfortable designing PowerPoint slide decks and otherwise for sponsorship packages
  • Conscientious; has shown commitment accountability and follow-through in previous working experience
  • May have a network of contacts from various organizations that support the women in tech movement
  • May have experience in understanding and writing up sponsorship agreements and memorandum of understanding (MOU) documents


  • Drive & organize all event and annual sponsors for Girls in Tech Vancouver
  • Work closely with event team to set sponsorship targets and meet event resource needs
  • Communicate with sponsors as a first point of contact: reach out to potential sponsors, attainment and follow up with sponsors
  • Builds and maintains relationships with past, current, and prospect sponsors
  • Manage, update and define the Girls in Tech sponsorship package as needed

Member Experience Lead

Experience & Attributes

  • Experience in a communications role or volunteer role
  • Empathic with people of diverse backgrounds and experience
  • Strategic thinker
  • Takes initiative with people


  • Ensure the best experience for our members from beginning to end!
  • Define membership experience and strategy
  • Help define measures for member care success
  • Tend to member inquiries via email, our website, and other channels
  • Work closely with Social Media Lead to ensure overall responsiveness and positive interactions through all channels
  • Provide concrete feedback to the rest of the team for how we can contribute and what could be improved
  • Think globally – what could be done at a Girls in Tech Global level to improve member experience and consistency across chapters?
  • Consolidate and gather member data; write surveys and find other ways to gather member feedback for improvement
  • Maintain member list and distribution list
  • Write monthly newsletter that will provide organization updates and opportunities for engagement with members

Marketing Lead

Experience & Attributes

  • Demonstrated visual design experience
  • Experience with various marketing media


  • Manage templates for content distribution (PowerPoint, event brochures, posters)
  • Designs event logos and marketing content
  • Works closely with Social Media Strategists

Social Media Strategist

Experience & Attributes

  • Design, or UI/UX experience
  • Experience with social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media tools.


  • Create Social Media strategy and present to Girls in Tech Van executive team for feedback and improvement
  • Create and maintain a consistent, positive, and professional external image for Girls in Tech Vancouver
  • Consistently post to Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels (minimum 1x/week to keep engagement levels high)
  • Define social media channel purpose for each channel and tailor posts accordingly
  • Response to followers on all channels within 48-hours
  • Work with Marketing Lead for consistent design look & feel
  • Create a “Girls in Tech Vancouver Social Media Guide”

Web Development Lead

Experience & Attributes

  • Experience with WordPress or other similar content management system
  • Experience with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL
  • Capable of programming web forms


  • Manage and support the Girls in Tech global website (
  • Create, manage and support the Girls in Tech Vancouver website
  • Integrates website with third party apps such as EventBrite, Google Forms, PayPal, etc.
  • Integrates website with social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Works with Marketing Lead for consistent look and feel
  • Works with Social Media Strategist as needed

Event Coordinators

Experience & Attributes

  • Demonstrated passion for organizing events and track record of contribution to successfully executed events
  • Experience determining and communicating resource needs
  • Eye for both detail and the bigger picture; able to reflect on what might have been missed
  • Comfortable mentoring new team members and seeking feedback


  • Work closely with Event Manager Lead
  • Lead and organize individual Girls in Tech Vancouver events (1-2 events per year)
  • Create and publish events in EventBrite or other event management application
  • Initiates event meetings, sends invites and organizes the group when useful
  • Assists with event team meeting notes
  • Work with Sponsorship & Community Relations Lead for event sponsorship
  • Work with Marketing and Social Media Leads for promotion of event
  • Coordinate and instruct event volunteers their roles and responsibilities for events
  • Ability to document steps and contribute to Girls in Tech Van Event Master Guide

Submit an application online via Google forms here. 

(If you run into any technical difficulties with submitting your application, please contact us.)

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